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Is eating too much meat giving me bad B.O.?

By Louisa de Kievit |
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Is eating too much meat giving me bad B.O.?

Hard to tell without knowing how much exactly a “tonne of meat” is, but there are many schools of thought - and plenty of scientific boffins have sought to answer this exact question.


Meat might give you bad BO

Back in 2006, a study tested the “effect of meat consumption on body odour attractiveness”. They got 17 men, split them into two groups, giving one a two-week meat diet and the other a non-meat diet, and then got 30 women to rate their body odour for pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity and intensity. 

The study found that “red meat consumption has a negative impact on perceived body odour hedonicity” (essentially, the blokes who ate red meat were less attractive than their vego counterparts). 

This was backed up by a 2016 study in which female body odour assessors said that diets with greater fruit and vegetable intake were “significantly associated with more pleasant smelling sweat, independent of sweat intensity”.


But, also, maybe not?

Interestingly however, self-reported dietary data in the study also found that fat, meat, egg and tofu intake was associated with more-pleasant smelling sweat, with greater carbohydrate intake - the sugars and starches found in fruits, grains, vegetables and dairy products - being associated with stronger smelling, less pleasant sweat.

Dena Champion, a dietitian at Ohio State University, advises that vegetables high in fibre, asparagus, onion, garlic and alcohol are some of the consumables most likely to have an effect on your body odour.


So, what to eat?

Our advice? Everything in moderation. (Yes, we can hear your collective, "thanks, mom.") But it's true! Personally, I am very partial to a bone-in ribeye, but also think a veg-only meal can be a party on a plate. Meat, dairy and vegetable consumption are all fine, but can also cause issues if consumed excessively. 

If you’re concerned about the smell permeating from under your arms, don’t whatever you do, ask Dr Google. He sucks. Instead, go see a pro. We also sell STUFF for your pits if you need to an immediate freshen up.


Helpful stuff

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